Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can. We have the option of booking from 1, 5, 10, 15, & 20 Standard Lessons to 12 EDT’s. However, we highly recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to practice in between lessons with your sponsor. Take a driving lesson at least every two weeks with your Spin Driving School driving instructor.

Yes. We offer both, Manual & Automatic cars for hire to students who do not have access to their own vehicle to sit the driving test. However, we only offer car hire to students who have completed a 2-hour assessment with us to ensure they are ready and competent enough to sit the test before we will offer a car for hire. If we feel a student is not test ready or not safe or competent enough on the road, we will not be in a position to offer a car to sit the test.

Yes you can, and we do encourage you to do 2 hour lessons so that you have more to practice within the 2 weeks between lessons with your sponsor.

Yes, we offer driving lesson gift vouchers. For gift voucher inquiries please see our Gift Vouchers Page and enter the information required. You will then receive a call back.

Before each standard lesson you are required to pay by cash, or, digitally using our onboard digital payment system. All main bank and credit cards are accepted. If you have opted in for a bundle package you will be required to pay for these before starting your first lesson with your Spin Driving School driving instructor either on the day or by requesting a secure payment link.

On your first EDT lesson, your Spin Driving School Instructor will give you a logbook with your own unique number along with an EDT Booklet. After each completed lesson your instructor will upload the completion of each lesson to your RSA My EDT Portal found on our Resources Page. Once all of your 12 EDT’s have been completed and uploaded, you will be able to apply for a test date from the RSA. The RSA will then send you an invitation to apply for your driving test. This can take some time and is dependent on their availability at the time and at the Test Centre you are applying for.

Yes. We offer lessons in both our Manual & Automatic Cars or in your own
Manual or Automatic car if you choose.

In accordance with The Road Safety Authority recommendations and with our own experience, we recommend at least one driving lesson every two weeks and as many hours of practice as possible with your sponsor in between each driving lesson for best results.

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