Rules of the Road

You must have a good knowledge of these rules to pass your driver theory test and your driving test. But learning about road safety doesn’t stop once you pass your driving test – the rules are updated regularly, and the more you know, the safer you will be. 

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My EDT Portal

Login and view the status of your EDT sessions, uploaded by your instructor, after each lesson.

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Driving Offenses & Penalty Points

The Road Traffic Act 2002 established a 62-point offences penalty point system. Drivers who receive 12 penalty points in 3 years are disqualified from driving for six months. 

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Irish Road Traffic Signs

Download a complete image list of Irish Road Traffic Signs for your revision.

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Applying For Your Test Online

After you’ve completed your mandatory EDT lessons and log book, and if it is six months or more since your first learner’s permit was issued, you can apply for your driving exam online. You’ll be able to choose a testing date that is convenient for you based on test availability.

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NDLS Driving License Application Form

The (NDLS) National Driver License Service is the primary responsibility as the lead agency for the governance and implementation of the government’s Road Safety Strategy. You can find the required documentation details for acquiring or renewing a first-time license. You can also make a booking online through their website.

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Citizens Information

Citizens Information is a website that provides transparent information about the various steps involved with getting on the road and all additional requirements.

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